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I want to state some facts before you friend me, okay? Be civil and don't bring unneeded drama. If you defriend me I won't take it personally. This is my journal, and I feel I can post whatever I want in it, so I fangirl squee a lot; however that is the point of this journal since it's a fandom journal. Real life posts are on a different journal which is FO and by invite only. Commenting is not an issue for me.

Fandoms For This Journal
Favorite Characters / Favorite Pairings List

• I believe in Sherlock. Morairty was a liar.
• Watching Masterpiece Mystery is my favorite way to spend a Sunday night. I like Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple and Endeavour because of it.
• Into crime procedurals (mostly Elementary and Hawaii Five-0 when I catch repeats, plus Perception and Grimm when I remember)
• Into sci-fi/fantasy (mostly Eureka ::sob::, Warehouse 13, Sleepy Hollow and Doctor Who, where Eleven is my Doctor but Ten's pretty awesome, too)
• Into Joss Whedon's shows (to varying degrees: love Firefly and continue to watch "Serenity" frequently, have Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog songs on my MP3 player and rewatch sometimes, prefer Angel over Buffy the Vampire Slayer but I still love both shows even though I don't rewatch very often, and eventually I'll watch S2 of Dollhouse).
• Into movies of the live action variety. The only ones you'll really see me writing fic for are the St. Trinian's series and the 2009 Star Trek reboot. I adore them to pieces. I might also try my hand at the Marvel movieverse. We'll see.
• Into The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings trilogy (having taken a college course about them), and the movie versions are some of my favorite movies ever. Also a huge fan of the Harry Potter books, as well as the movies. Firm believer that the British do fantasy best.
• Favorite writers include David & Leigh Eddings, Amy Tan, Neil Gaiman and Mercedes Lackey; you might catch me writing The Elenium/The Tamuli or The Belgariad/The Mallorean or Tales of the Five Hundred Kingdoms fanfic every once in a while.
• Into comics, though I abhor the DC reboot after Flashpoint and am waiting for the next crisis to see if things go back to a way that makes me inclined to follow comics again. Favorite series is The Sandman, though I'm also very fond of Gotham Central and the old Birds of Prey as well. Favorite comic is The Question: Five Books of Blood. One of these days I may start reading Marvel. Related note: huge fan of the DCAU (Justice League Unlimited is my favorite) and the direct to DVD DC movies.
• Into manga, though it's mostly Bleach (before the Thousand Year Holy War arc in the manga), Zombie Loan, xxxHOLiC, The Wallflower (aka Yamatonadeshiko Shichihenge), Chibi Vampire, Shugo Chara!, The Tarot Cafe, Oh! My Goddess and Bizenghast. Also into anime, but that's mostly Bleach (subs, not dubs...hate the dubs), Zombie Loan, xxxHOLiC, Cowboy Bebop and a few others that I forgot.
• Former fandoms that I still mention/occasionally write fics for include the CSI franchise (yes, even Miami), Criminal Minds (it just hasn't been the same since Prentiss left), Supernatural (I kind of got back into it last season but I'm still really lost), Once Upon A Time (can't watch this season but I still love the show) and a few others floating around.
• Adore crossovers to pieces. Mostly active in the Wholock fandom (Sherlock/Amy is my OTP, don't hate on me for it). Also write other Doctor Who crossovers because it's the easiest most crossover-est show ever (and everybody could use a visit from the Doctor in my opinion), and Sherlock crossovers because all of a sudden I really like the idea of Sherlock meeting...well, everyone.

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In case anyone is still following...

So I am homeless at the moment. My mother and I were living in our car and on Friday the 19th we were in a car accident on the freeway. Mom is okay, kidlet might have whiplash, I have a sprained ankle and banged up knee, but the worst news was the car we were living in got totaled. We have the chance of getting a 2004 Dodge Caravan for $1,300 and we have a fundraiser on Facebook for it, but with their five day waiting period I need to get all of the money together by the 26th to get the van before the seller goes out of town.

If anyone can help, these are different ways to get money to me and reblogging is also amazingly helpful. Thank you!

Fundraiser | PayPal | Ko-Fi

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Wish List @ holiday_wishes

For anyone interested, I decided to put a list up there this year. You can find it here. I'm not expecting a whole lot for the holidayts this year (practically nothing, actually), so I'd love some fanworks and stuff at the very least. And if you're in the London area I'd kill for takeaway menus and university stuff and things like that. So yeah. Give it a gander?
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(no subject)

So I have glasses on the way! A good friend of mine ordered them for me since she's got Amazon Prime, and the website keeps sending me emails on what's being done, so as of 3:16 this morning the lenses are being cut and beveled so I'm one step closer to having them on my face. Yay! What a wonderful Christmas present, I swear.

Things are looking up for now, for the most part. I ended up rescuing two kittens in the span of two weeks (one was caught out in the rain and the other was being attacked by a dog) and we're pretty sure they're both females, so we named then Molly and Sally (not after the Sherlock characters exactly; Molly is named after Molly Hooper, yes, but Sally was named by my son after the character in the Sonic the Hedgehog games...he was amused to hear there was a character in Sherlock with that name). If they turn out to be boys their names will be Martin and Sherlock (after Martin Crieff and Sherlock Holmes). They're a handful but for being strays they're really loving and affectionate.

Getting a lot of fic writing done. I'm not sure if you guys want me to go back to updating here or not, but generally I post a snippet of what I write at my Tumblr with a link to the AO3 post. I have nothing else to do, really, other than clean my apartment or watch TV, and writing is much more fun. I've expanded my fandoms, in that I'm now writing the Marvel Cinematic Universe (mostly Captain America and Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (on a drabble basis) and Murder In Suburbia. So that's fun. And I'll probably talk more about fandom here eventually, too, so you shall all see the fact that British television has taken over my life.

Only downside lately is dealing with the CPS worker and my son's visits. I didn't go into too much detail as to what's been going on in the first post I made in forever, but basically back in...July I think? My son's CPS worker did a surprise visit in order to start overnights and found out we'd had a roach problem. The whole building had one, to be honest, but we were told my son wasn't allowed in the apartment at all during visits because of that. Anyway, the apartment complex was using a non name extermination company for, like, two months so it was taking forever, and then they switched over to Terminix in mid-September and let me tell you, shit got taken care of quick. By mid-October we were seeing maybe a couple bugs a week. By mid-November? Nothing whatever. So before Thanksgiving I called her to see if she could come by. She said she'd try and come by in December.

That was the 23rd of November.

I haven't heard from her since.

Not sure if she's on vacation or what, but...yeah. I really want to be able to let my son into the apartment to open his Christmas gifts, you know? It'd be nice. So hopefully she'll show up soon for the visit. Now I just need to track down a vacuum cleaner and we're golden.
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So the absolute best wonderful good news first: no cancer! The ophthalmologist said neither problem is anything to worry about at all. In fact, I had to show him where the abnormal cell grouping was. He said it's something common enough that I probably didn't even need to come back in two years to have him check up on it again but I could if I wanted to.

However, he did admonish me about the fact it's been a couple of weeks and I still haven't gotten glasses. He said the fact I still have blurry vision/double vision/eye pain would all go away if I got the glasses since, you know, it's all stuff that's generally solved or lessened with nearsighted people on computers when they have glasses. I told him I'm broke and glasses aren't covered by my insurance so I won that battle but yeah. I've got to try and get glasses sooner than later.

But yes! One less health issue to worry about! Thank you to everyone who kept me in your thoughts and prayers. I greatly appreciate it and I want to hug and kiss and snuggle you all to pieces right now.

Now. Off to figure out how much a decent pair of glasses that I would wear would cost so I can start figuring out how to get the money for them...
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Sherlolly Fic Acronym Free-For-All

So this is another thing I did on my Tumblr I figured I'd open up to you guys. Basically, since I'm primarily known for writing Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper fanfiction for BBC Sherlock these days, I tend to get a ton of prompts given to me on Tumblr for that ship. And one point I had about 40 of them in two folders on my computer, one for really short one-shot stories and another for multi-chapter stories. So last month I decided to gather up all the one-shot fics I had titles for, put up a list of the title acronyms, and ask people to claim a few for me to write. no one had any idea what they were choosing, but I wrote them on a first come, first serve basis. I've gotten eleven of them written so far (you can see the old list here on Tumblr) and I'm hoping to finish the other four fics today.

And then on Thanksgiving I took the last fifteen prompts, plus some other scattered ones I'd found, as well as the multiple chapter ones I had, and made a new list. I've had some people claim those, but there still some left and I figured I'd see if anyone here is interested. All of these have prompts and they're all Sherlock/Molly fics. The fics are being gifted on AO3 to the person who gave me the prompt (if I have an AO3 username for them) as well as the person who picked the prompt (which is why I ask for it below). If you don't want it gifted to you, you don't need to give it to me. Your Tumblr username, if you feel like giving it to me, is just so I can tag you when I post it on Tumblr when it's written; you can also not give it to me as well. Since there aren't many fics left I'm limiting claims to three acronyms each. You can choose as many or as few as you want but no more than three.

Just use the form below!

And these are the remaining acronyms (U1 - U3 are my untitled fics...also, titles may change):

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Fics For The Holidays

So I made this offer on my Tumblr but not many people took me up on it so I figured I'd make it here, too. I primarily write Sherlock fic these days and generally I write pretty much any het or femmeslash Sherlock ship you can think of (plus Mycroft/Lestrade and Mycroft/Lestrade/Anthea as well) and I'm offering up Christmas fic for any of these prompts for a pairing of your choice.

Also, for old friends who still follow this journal, if there's a pairing I used to write that you think I might still be interested in (say, St. Trinian's or Doctor Who or whatever), you're more than welcome to suggest that as well. I will try my best but your fic may not be as long. And crossovers are welcome! You can pick up to 2 prompts, but once a prompt is chosen it's gone (if you have a pairing you want that's already been claimed that's fine; I don't mind writing the same pairing more than once).

Please use this form if asking for anything!

All the fics have been claimed! Here's the tentative order in which they will be filled:

Here is the (tentative) list:

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(no subject)

So this has been a rather...monumentally rotten year. And I know I haven't updated much here. I have been updating my Tumblr, though, and if you'd like the rundown of events that I will go into here at a later point, you can go through this tag for the highlights of what's happened so far. Be forewarned: it's pretty damn depressing.

Anyway, I re-simplified the wishlist I posted on Tumblr earlier in the month and I figured, if anyone is interested, I'd post it here as well. You know, just in case. I'm kind of worried my son's going to have a crap Christmas for reasons I discovered yesterday (involving him having to "earn" the solitary 13th birthday present he got last week from his foster family) so if anyone can help with these gifts 1 through 4 to make his Christmas brighter as well as mine, that'd be awesome.

So here's the list:

1. Amazon gift cards, so I can buy things off my son's and mine wish lists (I'm really good at hunting down deals on the Amazon Marketplace, and neither my son or I are picky about getting used items for gifts)
2. Walmart gift cards. He's kind of looking at Sally (a new kitten I rescued from a dog trying to attack it yesterday) as a late birthday/early Christmas gift, so having Walmart gift cards means I can use them to get cat food and cat litter, as well as food for his visits (he straight up ate half a loaf of bread and half a small jar of peanut butter in his visit ALONE yesterday in peanut butter sandwiches, and drank half a pitcher of strawberry lemonade as well)
3. Paying off at least part of his library fine so he can keep checking out library books (due to an incident with a book deemed "inappropriate" by his CPS worker which I just found out she has yesterday that I might not get back till who knows when, he's about to go over his overdue fines limit in less than a week, I think). You can pay the fines off online as long as the amount is at least $10. At the moment his fines are under $20, so he can still check things out, but once it goes over $20 he's locked out. Some are my fines, some of them are his from when I let him pick out DVDs and we'd unexpectedly switch visit days, some are books, so they're all different prices, but as long as it's at least $10 you can pay via credit card. I would need to give you the library website URL, his card number and PIN as well as instructions on how to pay, but we can do that via email or the PM system.
4. My son mentioned there's a video games he'd especially love, Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX for Nintendo 3DS, and that'd be awesome for him since I don't tend to get him newly released games because they're so expensive.
5. Fanworks made for me. I'm especially a huge fan of fanart made for fanfic of mine that doesn't have art/isn't inspired by art (and not just hand drawn art; fanmixes, digital art, collages...anything at all is perfectly fine), but if you want to write fic that's cool too!
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I need your help

So I've been posting about this on Tumblr a lot (I'm over there a lot more then I'm on here...I lost my paid account about a year ago and I can't stand the ads, so I only pop on here to post my fic to communities, mostly), but I've been on temporary disability since February of this year with back issues. I'm probably going to end up having surgery as I've been doing physical therapy the last month or so and it's done nothing except make the pain worse.

Unfortunately, this last round of disability ended October 15th, and despite trying to reach out to my physician who has to renew it since the 18th of this month to get him to renew it, I've more or less been ignored. I have an appointment with him tomorrow, but if he submits my claim tomorrow electronically (or worse, makes me mail in the paper form) then I will not have the money to pay my rent on time and I will lose my apartment. I can't be homeless again. I just...I can't go through that hell again.

Right now I need $350 to cover my rent (that’s my share + the water bill, which is $44.59 and included in our rent; due no later than the 5th) and $25 for the car insurance (though I'm not as worried about that since we made a partial payment earlier with a donation we got this week). Over the last few months I've been offering up writing fic for donations. I've actually been doing quite a few of them; this is a listing of the completed works, the WIPs and the ones I have yet to start that I am continuously updating as I work on them. I'll make the same offer here with the updated word counts that I made on my last offer on Tumblr:

$10 to $25 donation - 5K to 6K words fanfic OR trilogy of 2K word fics, character(s)/pairing(s) of your choice
$26 to $50 donation - 7K to 8K words fanfic OR quartet of 2K word fics, character(s)/pairing(s) of your choice
$51 to $75 donation - 9K to 10K words fanfic OR quintet of 2K word fics, character(s)/pairing(s) of your choice
$76 to $100 donation - 15K+ words fanfic OR series with stories of word count of my choice (series length to be determined by donation), character(s)/pairing(s) of your choice
$101+ donation - 25K+ words fanfic OR series with stories of word count of my choice (series length to be determined by donation), character(s)/pairing(s) of your choice

My primary fandom is Sherlock (and my primary ships are Sherlolly, Mythea and the femmeslash ships), though I am offering to also write Elementary, Doctor Who, Star Trek (Alternate Original Series) and some Marvel Cinematic Universe (mainly Captain America, first Avengers movie and first season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.). Other fandoms I have been known to write can be discussed, depending on the length of fic and characters you want involved. Crossovers are also up for discussion.

To request a fic, all you have to do is send me a message via messenger here on LJ with how much you donated, your prompt, which pairings/characters you want involved and the highest rating you want (the highest I will go for these will be Teen for the most part, though we can discuss that changing on a case by case basis, though absolutely NO explicit fic). I write almost all genres (including AUs, especially for Sherlock) and I love discussing prompts to make sure we’re both happy. If you have an AO3 username, I’ll ask for that as well so I can gift the fic to you there.

Spreading the word for this will also get you fic, with a 1K to 2K fic. All you have to do is show me the link where you posted about it. Please, spread the word and donate if you can.

You can donate here.
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So today is the 8th, and it’s today that I’m starting to panic. I’ve been having health problems that have prevented me from working since January of this year, and I had an MRI last month that showed I have a problem with the sciatic nerve in my back. I had been on temporary disability and been able to keep afloat for a while but unfortunately due to some serious lapses in communication between people at the public clinic I go to for my health care, I was not able to renew my disability insurance in time and I had to reapply on the 1st of this month. It has been a week and there is no indication that they have even started processing the claim yet. I have until the 16th to come up with $700 to pay my rent or I will lose the apartment I have been living in, which means I will lose any hope of having housing for my son Trace, who I have been trying to regain custody of since 2005. We need to keep this apartment. It isn’t much, just a one bedroom, but it’s a roof over our heads.

Today would also be the day I would normally get my monthly allotment of food stamps. Last month was my reporting month, and my local welfare office did not send me my SAR-7 form at the beginning of the month to report my income to them, so the first I heard about it was when they told me my food stamps would be terminated on 5/31/15. I got the form and turned it in with all the proof they needed as soon as I got the notice (5/16/15) but have heard nothing since about whether it was going to still be cancelled or not, and so now on top of worrying about keeping a roof over my head I now also have to worry about having food to eat, as our refrigerator and pantry are shockingly bare at the moment.

I do not want to ask for money without offering anything in return. Tumblr user ladysolitaireoftheswanstn donated money the last time I asked for donations and is currently the recipient of the WIP “No More Regrets” for her donation (and she is actually getting a longer story than what she got with her donation because it took a while for me to write it since I was suffering from depression at the time she made her donation and had no motivation to write). I had a huge scale of how much I would write depending on how much was donated, but I’d decided to make it a bit broader this time:

* Sharing this post: 1K word story, characters/pairings & fandom(s) of your choice
* $10 - $50 donation: 3K word story, characters/pairings & fandom(s) of your choice, with potential for being longer or turned into a series
* $51 - $100: 5K word story, characters/pairings & fandom(s) of your choice, with potential of being longer or turned into a series
* $101 - $250: 10K word story, characters/pairings & fandom(s) of your choice, with potential of being longer or turned into a series
* $250 and up: 25K word story, characters/pairings & fandom(s) of your choice, with potential of being longer or turned into a series

I primarily write Sherlock, and in that fandom my main ship is Sherlolly, but I will write any non-incest ship you can think of because I honestly ship almost everything you can imagine for that show whether it’s het, slash or femmeslash. I’m fluid on ratings but for this no explicit stuff. I also cross over Sherlock with Elementary, Doctor Who, Star Trek (Alternate Original Series) and am willing to cross it over with Supernatural and the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well. Any combinations of those fandoms are acceptable, BTW, even if Sherlock isn’t involved, as are those fandoms on their own. I have a few restrictions just based on my knowledge of canon, but we can discuss that via PM or comments to this post. If you have an AO3 account tell me the username and I will gift the fic for you there, otherwise I will message you on Tumblr when it is posted.

We have an ongoing fundraiser here that you can donate to. Please, take advantage of the fic offer for sharing this post and making donations. I love to write and since I am unable to work while I wait to get my care continued (which at the moment appears to possibly be physical therapy and back surgery) I have nothing but time on my hands. Thank you in advance for any help you can give.