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18 February 2015 @ 12:51 pm

It's been forever and a day since I posted here, and a lot has gone on in my life. Some of it has been good, but unfortunately there have been a lot of things that haven't been so pleasant, either. And I would like to ask for all of your help, if you can.

My son Trace is the light of my life. He’s the best kid I ever could have asked for. He’s smart, he’s kind, he’s funny, he’s polite, he loves his Mom and his Nana and his Aunt Jombi and he’s just really a good person. He’s also been in foster care in the county of San Diego for nine years now. I lost custody in August of 2005 thanks to having undiagnosed post-partum depression and misdiagnosed bipolar disorder that left me unable to care for my son. The first year and a half he was out of my custody I did everything I could do to regain custody, and I was very close. I had sixteen hours a week unsupervised visitation, and I was about to start overnights. And then, because of a CPS worker who didn’t care about her clients and a family who wanted to adopt him, it all got taken away. I dropped down to two hours a week supervised visitation based on lies that my CPS worker never bothered to check, and any chance I’d had for getting him back at the time vanished. The CPS worker eventually left the case and he was pulled out of the foster home for neglect (though I do suspect there was more to it than that) but the damage was done.

Since then my son has been in two group homes and two foster care placements. He has adapted well, and considering he’s autistic that’s saying a lot. He’s learned to channel his anger into positive ways of coping, he’s strengthened his bond with his family, he’s forged new bonds with the workers who help him and the families he’s lived with. If you met him on the street you’d think he was a pretty normal child, and that’s the best thing in the world. He had especially formed a bond with one foster father, but due to things I am not at liberty to talk about he was removed from the foster home and ended up in a psychiatric ward for a week because he was suicidal. After having a worker who didn’t answer her calls we got a new worker who, for the first time in seven years, made it a point to talk to me and my mother. She found out both of us were stable and on our psych meds (my mother is also bipolar). She visited our home, something no social worker had done since my visitation had been cut to supervised and for only two hours. But most importantly, she told us that she thought it would be best if Trace came back to live with us. She has been the first worker in nearly ten years to give us hope. Over the years I’ve fought for unsupervised visitation, then off-site visitation, and then visitation at my home and gotten all of those things. The next step is overnights, and we are so very close to that, which was never even an option before.

At the moment my mother and I share a one bedroom apartment in north San Diego county. My son would be occupying the living room while she and I share the bedroom. It’s not a perfect arrangement, but the CPS worker has approved it as a suitable living situation. However, a problem has arisen. In August 2014 I had gallbladder surgery, and complications have left me with lingering health issues. I had recently left my part time job at an amusement park to work full time at a call center, but due to the complications I ended up missing too much time and lost my job. My mother’s disability checks and my final paycheck are not enough to cover our rent, and if it is not paid in full by the 15th we will be evicted. If we lose the apartment I can pretty much kiss goodbye any chance of reunification because with an eviction on my record no one will rent me an apartment. I have been on the Section 8 Housing waiting list for six years, and was recently told it is now eight to ten years until housing is available (to put this in perspective, when I went on the waiting list I was told three to five years). If I lose this home my family’s dream of being reunited will be dashed permanently. In six years my son will age out of the system and only then will we be able to live together again. My son wants his family back, and my mother and I want that too. Most families give up after two years without reunification; we’ve been working for it for nine and we’re not willing to give up on Trace.

We have a fundraising campaign here to help us come up with the money we need to pay some important bills this month while I continue to find employment elsewhere. We've paid most of them, including the rent, but the other problem is I am having a very tough time finding employment. I keep getting called to interviews and nothing pans out, and health issues are making things hard as well. I need to be able to support my family and get my son back. He’s the light of my life and I miss him every day that he’s not with me. When I do get to see him it’s the best day of the week. So I ask for your help. Please donate. Even $10 will help so much. And if you can’t donate, then please reblog this and spread the word. Share it on social media, on Facebook and Twitter and anywhere you can think of. My son deserves to have his fondest wish and we are so close to making that happen but if we lose this apartment that wish will never be granted. So please, #HelpTraceComeHome. Thank you so much in advance.
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16 June 2014 @ 02:52 pm
So it's done. I had a migraine this morning so I took a sick day and once it was gone I went to work on the Angsty Fic O'Doom. Chapter 10 is fairly short, a little under four complete pages, but now that it's written I am officially finished with the story. Honestly, once I post it I'm not sure I ever want to reread it. It is the most depressing thing I have ever written. I may make a solemn vow to the Sherlock fandom I'll never do this to them again.

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I have whittled down my fic writing deadlines to three big bangs, so yay for that. Finally, less deadlines to have headaches over. Here's the lowdown on where I stand with them:

The scifibigbang Khan/Molly fic I started a week ago...Collapse )
The Angsty Fic O'Doom for bigbang_mixup and my desire to get it over and done with...Collapse )
The long gestating 'The Snowmen' rewrite that I was going to do for journeystory last year which is now my casestory fic...Collapse )

Speaking of fic, I've been glancing at some of my fic on AO3 and (apparently) I have two other stories nearing the 3K hits mark, which was quite surprising to realize. One day when I have more internet time I'm going to comb through my AO3 account and do a massive repost of all my Sherlock fanfic which has 2K hits or higher, which I think is around 30 stories? Just because I want to brag. Unsurprisingly they are mostly Sherlock/Molly fics, but there's a couple Sherlock/Irene popping up as well. So this will be fun going through at least 249 stories and going "Dear God, how is that popular?" because, you know, I write a lot for that fandom. Which reminds me, eventually I will post all the Sherlock and Elementary fanfic I posted over the last few weeks for the land_deduction Bingo challenge. Because I really did write over 24K worth of fic for that challenge in the span of a month because I'm crazy. ::nods:: 11 of the 24 stories got written in a week, so some of them are crap and a couple are really favorites of mine. The "Molly gets drugged and calls Sherlock for help" story in particular got what feels like a million kudos in forty-eight hours and that surprised the hell out of me.

Also! I am starting to put serious work in on what I hope will be a really interesting original fiction series. One day I will convert my Wholock fanfic into an original novel, but at the moment I'm plotting out a series called "Bartenders Of The Apocalypse" about a war between Heaven, Hell and humanity/otherwordly creatures where the latter won. Now the demon who defected from Hell and rallied together the humans and the otherwordly creatures owns a bar and the series follows him and his staff as they navigate supposedly peaceful times with another revolt on the horizon as well as the possibility of an entire other apocalypse (Ragnarok this time). But seriously, it's an "ALL FOLKLORE IS TRUE!" and "ALL MYTHOLOGY IS TRUE!" series and I can't wait to finish these big bangs so I can start writing it. I'm hoping I can have the first novel finished in a few months and see about getting it self-published as an e-book. I will be so happy if I can and it's marginally popular.

So yeah. I've been a busy busy writer in the last month or so, but hopefully I can get these last fic commitments out of the way and then devote a huge chunk of time to my original novel. Someday soon, I will be famous as a novelist and I can do what I love for a living. Someday...
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01 May 2014 @ 06:18 pm
Sorry it's not much of a post. The only reason I'm online is I need to get my paystubs for my food stamps report and I figured I'd do this to make my fans happy. I have a headache and life sucks right now. Anyway, I may have stayed up really late writing more of my WIP last night? Maybe? Here's the new chapters.

As Long As You Love Me Truly (9 - 11/?) | Sherlock - PG so far | Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper, Henry Knight, Greg Lestrade, Irene Adler and John Watson in these chapters | All Molly Hooper wants to do is get her big break on the London stage. She might have a chance when she's asked to be the lead in one of the most anticipated productions on the West End, and by the star himself, Sherlock Holmes. But things don't exactly go according to the plan she had in her head of how she would become a well known actress, and as time goes on she needs to figure out whether she wants fame or whether she wants something more fulfilling.
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My Molly app got approved last night so I'm having fun with her in game. Mary Morstan is in game but from after the finale where Molly's from post-"The Empty Hearse" since I watched the first few minutes of Sherlock in the library yesterday and ended up muttering "Sherlock, you arrogant asshole" and realized I was probably going to do that through both episodes so it was best if I watch them at home. But yay for getting to write Molly outside of fic! This pleases me.

Also I wrote a lot of fic over the last...week or so, and here it all is. Got a bit preoccupied today with finishing a bunch of half-finished stories today so there's a lot of stuff. Yay for motivation!

Six fics behind the cut!Collapse )
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Okay, I know I literally just posted seconds ago, but I'm going to link to my icon post because I know I'll forget to do that tomorrow. The fic can wait. Also, yay for being able to crossover Sherlock & Elementary and write explicit fic for the bingo challenge at land_deduction! That made my day. Also, yay for new icons for both my RP journals and new icons and gif on my welcome post here. So glad I don't rage every time I post as Kirk now.

Sherlock: 8 (Molly Hooper)
Actors: 14 (Louise Brealey & Chris Pine)
Star Trek (2009 Reboot)/Star Trek Into Darkness: 4 (James T. Kirk)

here @ hiru_no_tsuki</center>
Teaser 1 Teaser 2 Teaser 3
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So two of these stories got written today, and I'm kind of pressed for time posting them today because my mother is sleeping in the car at the moment so I can have a little more time on the computer. But anyway, here's what I posted on AO3 today!

As Long As You Love Me Truly (4/?) | Sherlock - PG so far | Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper, Henry Knight, John Watson and Irene Adler in this chapter | All Molly Hooper wants to do is get her big break on the London stage. She might have a chance when she's asked to be the lead in one of the most anticipated productions on the West End, and by the star himself, Sherlock Holmes. But things don't exactly go according to the plan she had in her head of how she would become a well known actress, and as time goes on she needs to figure out whether she wants fame or whether she wants something more fulfilling.

The Important Conversation | Sherlock - PG | Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper | Part 12 of my “Anything Can Happen” series | The morning after Sherlock returns home he and Molly talk, and he starts to open up about what he had done for the last few months when Molly asks about his suggestion for a name for their child.

The Attempt To Get Back To Normal | Sherlock - PG | Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper | Part 13 of my “Anything Can Happen” series | It's been a week since Sherlock returned and Molly can see he's having a hard time adjusting. She's bound and determined to do whatever it takes to help him get back to normal, because she loves him so very much and if she can do at least a little of what he did for her she'll do it.

Oh! I also wrote a chapter of the Angsty Fic O'Doom last night. So proud of myself! Soon it will get to the part where I do horrible things to Molly, but I am armed with "Pitch Perfect" and "Starter For 10" as a balm. I just need to finish season 3 of Sherlock. I'll get to it...soonish. Maybe tonight I'll watch episode 2 and later in teh week I'll buckle down and watch episode three. I will<>/i> do it, I swear!
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I had so so hoped I would have good news when I finally got online again with enough time to make a post. But, alas, I do not (other than getting fat paychecks lately because of the sheer amount of overtime I've been getting). I've had a really interesting and not so great last few weeks. Long story short:

Oh, my life is crappy, let me count the ways...Collapse )

Today has been a good day, though. I always love being around my son (even if I didn't watch Doctor Who with him...I'll do that next week, I think, since he wants me to bring the box set back) and so far the morning has gone well. But yes. Between insane hours at work and all of this crap, I'm running myself ragged (not to mention I have a bit of writer's block, at least for the stuff I need to write). I'm just counting down the days until the first full week of May because OMG blackout dates are over and I can beg Eddie for a five day shift so I can get a day at Mira Costa to take care of the things I need to and just relax. So I'm almost to the end of the tunnel. Just a couple more weeks and then relief. I hope.
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Drive-by post since I got online time tonight but it's almost over. Work is insane and none of us are doing well because too many people + too few people at the rides = not enough sales being made. Totally not regretting not getting the promotion right now. Poor BB leads. And I work six days again next week so no free time for me. Wrote more fic last night/today. Here you go.

The More Things Change… (4/4) | Sherlock - PG | Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper, John Watson, Greg Lestrade and the cab driver killer in this chapter | Part 5 of my "A Different Path" series | Sherlock's life has taken a few turns for the better since he went back to his old life, and it looks as though things will keep improving as certain truths come to light between him and Molly and he makes another new friend. But Moriarty's reach is long and whoever is carrying out his plans isn't about to let him forget about the story Moriarty wants him to star in.
Authors Notes: Part 5 of my “A Different Path” series.

The Morning After | Sherlock - PG | Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper | Part 6 of my "A Different Path" series | It's the morning after their first time being intimate, and Molly and Sherlock share a pleasant if rushed morning together.
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Not splitting between personal and fandom posts right now because I don't want to spam all of you with two very short posts. I am currently sitting in the children's section of the library I have my visits with my son at because all the adult computers are being used where the two of us can sit next to each other. I feel kind of special because they're making an exception for me. But I don't care that my son is eleven years old. I'm not letting him sit by himself.

It has been a fairly good day. We spent a lot of time on the computer today, but we also did a little grocery shopping (OMG the chocolate crunch energy version of Honey Bunches Of Oats is SO GOOD...that's my new work snack to get me through my nine hours shifts and three hour commute home) and Trace showed me his new game. I can't watch the roller coaster with the view where it's like you're actually on the ride because my kid is a devious track designer and the loops and stuff make me ill. I don't think I will ever attempt any roller coaster that makes me go upside down now. Ever. We also played a couple rounds of Hangman and my son trounced me. I got one of my mom's words in two letters though.

During the time I have been online I have updated my WIP that's part of my new series with two new chapters, and my son has convinced me to put him in one of my fanfics. As soon as I finish that one I'm going to start the one with Trace in it. There will be Sherlock and an 11-year-old with hyperactivity problems and Pokemon, and it shall be glorious. Which is why I'm setting it in the new AU because I think most of my other Sherlocks would hate him within twenty minutes, except the "Anything Can Happen" and "A Little Holmes" Sherlocks because they're fathers/expectant fathers at this point. They'd simply look at it as a preview of what's coming up in a few years. But I will make sure the kidlet reads it and see if the he approves. So yes. I can't wait to write that. I just need to finish this "A Study In Pink" rewrite first. In case any of you are interested, by the way, here's the two newest chapters:

The More Things Change… (2 - 3/?) | Sherlock - PG | Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper, Mrs. Hudson, John Watson, Greg Lestrade, Sally Donovan and Phillip Anderson in these chapters | Part 5 of my "A Different Path" series | Sherlock's life has taken a few turns for the better since he went back to his old life, and it looks as though things will keep improving as certain truths come to light between him and Molly and he makes another new friend. But Moriarty's reach is long and whoever is carrying out his plans isn't about to let him forget about the story Moriarty wants him to star in.
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