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23 January 2025 @ 09:40 pm
• Info Post •  

I want to state some facts before you friend me, okay? Be civil and don't bring unneeded drama. If you defriend me I won't take it personally. This is my journal, and I feel I can post whatever I want in it, so I fangirl squee a lot; however that is the point of this journal since it's a fandom journal. Real life posts are on a different journal which is FO and by invite only. Commenting is not an issue for me.

Fandoms For This Journal
Favorite Characters / Favorite Pairings List

• I believe in Sherlock. Morairty was a liar.
• Watching Masterpiece Mystery is my favorite way to spend a Sunday night. I like Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple and Endeavour because of it.
• Into crime procedurals (mostly Elementary and Hawaii Five-0 when I catch repeats, plus Perception and Grimm when I remember)
• Into sci-fi/fantasy (mostly Eureka ::sob::, Warehouse 13, Sleepy Hollow and Doctor Who, where Eleven is my Doctor but Ten's pretty awesome, too)
• Into Joss Whedon's shows (to varying degrees: love Firefly and continue to watch "Serenity" frequently, have Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog songs on my MP3 player and rewatch sometimes, prefer Angel over Buffy the Vampire Slayer but I still love both shows even though I don't rewatch very often, and eventually I'll watch S2 of Dollhouse).
• Into movies of the live action variety. The only ones you'll really see me writing fic for are the St. Trinian's series and the 2009 Star Trek reboot. I adore them to pieces. I might also try my hand at the Marvel movieverse. We'll see.
• Into The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings trilogy (having taken a college course about them), and the movie versions are some of my favorite movies ever. Also a huge fan of the Harry Potter books, as well as the movies. Firm believer that the British do fantasy best.
• Favorite writers include David & Leigh Eddings, Amy Tan, Neil Gaiman and Mercedes Lackey; you might catch me writing The Elenium/The Tamuli or The Belgariad/The Mallorean or Tales of the Five Hundred Kingdoms fanfic every once in a while.
• Into comics, though I abhor the DC reboot after Flashpoint and am waiting for the next crisis to see if things go back to a way that makes me inclined to follow comics again. Favorite series is The Sandman, though I'm also very fond of Gotham Central and the old Birds of Prey as well. Favorite comic is The Question: Five Books of Blood. One of these days I may start reading Marvel. Related note: huge fan of the DCAU (Justice League Unlimited is my favorite) and the direct to DVD DC movies.
• Into manga, though it's mostly Bleach (before the Thousand Year Holy War arc in the manga), Zombie Loan, xxxHOLiC, The Wallflower (aka Yamatonadeshiko Shichihenge), Chibi Vampire, Shugo Chara!, The Tarot Cafe, Oh! My Goddess and Bizenghast. Also into anime, but that's mostly Bleach (subs, not dubs...hate the dubs), Zombie Loan, xxxHOLiC, Cowboy Bebop and a few others that I forgot.
• Former fandoms that I still mention/occasionally write fics for include the CSI franchise (yes, even Miami), Criminal Minds (it just hasn't been the same since Prentiss left), Supernatural (I kind of got back into it last season but I'm still really lost), Once Upon A Time (can't watch this season but I still love the show) and a few others floating around.
• Adore crossovers to pieces. Mostly active in the Wholock fandom (Sherlock/Amy is my OTP, don't hate on me for it). Also write other Doctor Who crossovers because it's the easiest most crossover-est show ever (and everybody could use a visit from the Doctor in my opinion), and Sherlock crossovers because all of a sudden I really like the idea of Sherlock meeting...well, everyone.

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